Vehicle Pickup Service

We know it can be a pain dropping your car in sometimes, therefore we provide a vehicle pickup service within 20 miles of our workshop.

Air Conditioning

Air conditioning units need to be serviced at regular intervals to avoid bacteria growth. Bacteria growth in your air conditioning unit can lead to illness in some cases. Servicing generally involves emptying the fluid in the unit, flushing and replacing with new fluid. Cracked or leaking air conditioning units are an environmental hazard, regular checks can avoid contamination of the surrounding area and also benefit you by having a fully operational unit when you require it.
Air conditioning servicing is generally quick and easy, to arrange an appointment please contact us.

Car servicing & repairs

We are one of the regions largest service and repair workshops, handling thousands of vehicles per year. We offer servicing and repairs to all makes and models of vehicles. Using industry recognised diagnostic and repair machinery and tools.
Using Watermans Garage to solve engine problems also comes with the benefit of our electronic diagnosis machine, which can help save you money in these circumstances. Our diagnostic machine read your vehicles engine logs, which in turn allows us to identify the problem in a fraction of the time some of our competitors might take.
We are able to service or repair any make of car, onsite and within quick timescales. If you are unable to leave your car for long periods of time we can arrange to time the appointment in whatever manner suits you.


Watermans Garage are approved DVSA MOT testing station, we are able to test the widest range of vehicles that are available to MOT testing stations.
We are able to test cars, minibuses, vans and transporters. We are one of the few MOT stations that are able to test the full range vehicles allowed by DVSA (Driver and Vehicle Standards Agency).
MOT Tests are not just about satisfying legal requirements to get a piece of paper, they test to see if the car is safe for you to drive. Many of our customers opt for their newly purchased cars to undergo an MOT test to assure themselves that the vehicle they are driving is safe and secure.
If you need to book your car in for a MOT Test please allow enough time before it is due. Simply give us a call and we can make a suitable appointment for your vehicle.

Tyres, exhausts and batteries

Tyres, exhausts and batteries along with other parts are all consumable items which need to be replaced from time to time. We can replace nearly all vehicles tyres, batteries and exhausts at our workshop.
We have some great prices too, offering only quality replacement parts at reasonable prices to help keep your car on the road. If you need anything replaced then it’s quick and easy, simply give us a call and we can arrange a time to drop your vehicle in. Often minor parts can be replaced while you wait and if not you will be notified before you bring the car to us.

RMI approved member

RMI approved garageAll the garages in “TRUST MY GARAGE” are members of the RMI – one of Britain’s oldest motor trade organisations. RMI members are true professionals – complying with a strict code of practice. By using a member of “TRUST MY GARAGE” you will also have the benefit of the RMI Guarantee.
Each and every customer of all Trust My Garage members can rely on the RMI Guarantee. If there’s a problem that can’t be sorted out between you and the garage, the RMI takes over and helps to achieve of a happy outcome.
Our relationship with the RMI helps assure all of our customers of our commitment to high customer satisfaction and hopefully (like all businesses) your repeat custom. If you need any more information then feel free to view the RMI “TRUST MY GARAGE” scheme website which can be found here.